This is the dynamic core of your Author Marketing. Link direct to your website.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Marketing
The goal of all your marketing should be to entice people to BUY your product.  Just as the name suggests, your POP marketing would include any signs, props, or give-aways you might have at a book signing or on an e-commerce site.

Pull Marketing
Blogs, newsletters, discussion boards are all avenues for you to PULL readers to your product.  Find ways to give your readers fun and interesting content that keeps them coming back for more!  It is key that you fulfill their need to escape into the dream world created by your books.

Push Marketing
PUSH information to your readers to inform them of your: latest release, appearances, contests, free reads, etc., via Facebook, LinkedIn, and GoodReads, or whatever social media tool you like. There's no way to know where the new buzz will be. You'll be there only if it works for you. 

The visual representation of your persona on your website and promotional materials. 

Your most important real estate within the internet cloud. The business office and bookstore for your persona and products. Keep it clean, tidy, and maintained. 

Social Media 
Any interactive online format for direct connection to your audience. Socialize with your Author Persona and open the door by direct link to your website for your audience.

All Promotional Items 
from business cards, to your website, to author photo, to book covers, 
should create the same theme, and flavor, for your audience experience.