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We've had some awesome articles submitted to our Finer Points Fridays.
To keep them easy to find they are now listed on this page.

By: M.K. Hobson
  1. What are QR Codes?
  2. Tracking Marketing Effectiveness Using QR Codes
  3. How Do I Get My Hands on a QR Code?
Marketing Outside the Box - Marci Nault on creating a Book Launch Event 

Book Promotion from a Publicists Perspective - Jessica Glenn of Mind Buck Media

Publicity Professionals Enhance the Author Persona - Sharon Bially of Book Savvy Public Relations

Your Website is Your Business Office and Bookstore


Example of a great website: Kristina McMorris - Award Winning Author

Example of blending genres into one persona: Paty Jager - Western Romance and Mystery

Example of great audience experience: Delilah Marvelle - Historical Romance Just Got Twisted

Terri Patrick's Blog
C. Morgan Kennedy's Blog

Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post
by Michael Hyatt, Motivational Speaker, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing

Why I Stopped Reading Your Blog
by Michael Hyatt, Motivational Speaker, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing

How to Write a Good Blog Comment 
Nathan Bransford (author, media specialist at CNET, former literary agent)

5 Tips to Avoid Being a Media Moron 
Tawna Fenske, novelist

Thank You For the ReTweet
Twitter Manners by Jamie Brazil
Also - check  Reviews and Interview page as an example to make all those blog tour posts into promotions that can live on your website as long as your books are available for new readers.

Get a Grip on Twitter Handles 
Twitter as a Language by Porter Anderson
This has visuals, tips, and shows the value of acknowledging the AUTHOR

Social Networking for Writers