Marketing Plan

Author Marketing 101 - Your Marketing Plan

Section 1: Executive Summary
          Synopsis of your plan for agent and publishers
          ONE PAGE or less
          Write this section LAST
Section 2: Product Overview & Fit
          State the type of books you write (PRODUCT)
          Target Audience description (PULL)
          State where your books fit commercially (PUSH)
          Mention peers and potential bookstore placement
          Describe your PERSONA
Section 3: Marketing Strategies
          Now that you defined your target audience in Section #2, describe their ‘natural habitat’ and how you are going to reach them
          Describe your WEBSITE Strategy
          Look and feel (BANNER)
          List of previous works (PRODUCT)
          Features your CURRENT work - front and center!
          Persona - ‘About the Author’ section (Media Kit)
          POP links – publisher and all retail sites
          PULL links – blog, discussion sites, reviews, newsletters
          PUSH links – Twitter, LinkIn, GoodReads
          Describe your BLOG strategy (PULL)
          What is your topic and style?  (“the writer life” is SO overdone!)
          How will you keep your readers coming back for more
          In addition to frequent, scheduled, interesting posts - what else are you going to do? (Free reads, give aways, contests)
          Social Media (PUSH)
          Which outlets are you choosing and why?
          How will Social Media further the building of your PERSONA and promotion of your work
Section 4: Budget
          Describe how you are going to spend your money and your TIME on marketing
          If you plan on doing your own book tour and signings, where are you going to go and why?
          How much will it cost in both time and money
          Blog tour?
          Which blogs and why?
          How much TIME
Remember, your primary job is WRITING - spend only 10% of your writing time marketing 

Please note: Our book, the "Author Marketing 101: Guide & Journal", contains two fictional author case studies with complete marketing plans. One case study focuses on the author persona. The second case study focuses on an individual book launch.