Jessica Morrell says:

Writers I met while teaching at my Summer in Words conference have created a blog that is also useful to writers and you should know about. It's a blog called Author Marketing 101 and it's chock full of practical and helpful information. I know that you'll agree that it's a generous endeavor. The blog creators C. Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick will be appearing at upcoming conferences. Be sure to check out their speaking schedule.

Between the Lines
Writing Out The Storm 

As a writer you probably have at least one of Jessica's books, but check her author page to be sure.

Maggie Jaimeson says:

Author Marketing 101 - This blog is run by two authors who also have extensive marketing backgrounds: C. Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick. What I like about the blog is that they describe things in a language everyone can understand instead of all the jargon. They also give very specific examples by analyzing an author's website or promo items, with pictures and pointers. That really helps drive the message home. This week/month they are doing a checklist and guidebook on their site which encompasses all of their previous posts. So, it's definitely the time to visit if you haven't before. Even if you have, it's a great reinforcement of things you've learned. These two women REALLY know what they are talking about. Conferences beg for them to come talk and every time they do, they get off-the-chart positive reviews.



  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars: detailed, thoughtful, and savvy September 26, 2013
    By M. Garzillo
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    This book consolidates and demystifies much of the current viewpoints toward author marketing plus has the compassion and peer-to-peer respect most business books lack. If you agree with their viewpoints, which all make a lot of sense, this book is a great step-by-step guide to how and why you'll succeed. It'll be great for accomplished authors and vital to anyone selling, or about to sell, their first couple books.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars: Best little author marketing book out there! October 14, 2013
    By romancehound
    These authors are the dynamic duo of author marketing. With great professional depth and a keen understanding of the digital marketplace, Kennedy and Patrick break it all down. Traditionally published, INDIE-PUBBED, and self-published authors should buy this book and sign up for AM101 classes. I've taken two of these classes and purchased the book. The authors smart, engaging, and conversational style translates to the pages making this an easy-to-follow guide. It was great to connect with the authors at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Conference and I am looking forward to their next books.

  3. I just finished reading a copy of "Author Marketing 101" cover to cover on a flight and I want to say Wow! I went a bought copies for all our senior team involved with marketing strategy. The push-pull-pop strategy is going to give us the focus we've needed to thoughtfully drive traffic. Thank you Kennedy and Patrick!