How To Use This Site

Use This Blog/Website as a WORKBOOK. 

Your AUTHOR PERSONA is the Dynamic Core of Your Marketing Plan TO USE for Advertising, Promoting, And Selling Your BOOKS.

Authors get stressed and frustrated when they try to promote their books without having FIRST developed an Author Marketing Plan.

Consider how long it took to write your book. Invest 10% of that length of time into your Author Marketing Strategy. Get together with some Author Friends and Help Each Other Invest in Your Author Selves.
This page is so you can USE this AM101 site as a Workbook and Checklist of those  "The 7 Primary Points to Your Author Marketing Plan" for developing a Seamless Self-Promotion Strategy. 
Every career path is unique and a writer's journey develops in its own time frame. Wherever you are on your path as an author/writer, we hope you will take the time to review our site and all these FREE pages as part of your career and writer-lifestyle goals. Our intent with this site was to place the Magic Wand of Marketing into your hands FOR FREE. You don't have to pay for our insights, but YOU DO HAVE TO WORK FOR IT - FOR IT TO WORK FOR YOU.

So here's the Checklist!

  1. Review the definition of terms on our Push-Pull-POP page.
  2. Get a piece of paper and some crayons. Now go to our Persona page. Read, pause, discuss, and draw at each of the exercises. Take 15 - 30 minutes for each exercise. Do this even if you've attended one of our workshops because the magic of crayons should always be honored!
    • Did you draw clothes on your Author Persona that already exist in your closet?
    • Do you want to chat with the readers you drew?
    • Can you see yourself in your readers' chosen habitat?
  3. Now draw your books. 
  4. Now draw what you wish the book cover looked like. 
  5. Add some other cool images (people, places or things) you loved creating in words on those pages of your stories.
  6. Read the Blurbs for your books. Write separate blurbs for those other images you just drew. 
  7. Now go to your website. How does it reflect the images you just drew?
  8. How can you make your pages easier and more engaging to your readers? (This may be a month long process...)
Website Review: 
POP and Promotions:
  1. POP Marketing: Book Fair and Author Signing at ECWC
  2. Cross Marketing by Teaming Up: Free Read Anthology
  3. Cross Marketing: Help a Sistah (or Brotha) Out
  4. Social Media is NOT All You Need
AND Lots of other stuff:
When you create a solid and seamless Author Persona and Marketing Plan THEN you can assign 10% of your Author Career Time into Promotions - With Confidence - AND HAVE FUN!

Also, take time to review our post (The Power of FREE requires Effort) regarding the 90% of your Author Career and have fun on The Authors Road.