Friday, October 7, 2016

Author Media Kits: What the heck do I need?

Morgan says: 

In past posts we've discussed author websites, how to cultivate your author PERSONA via your website, and what your site needs to contain. In this post, we'll take a moment to do a deep dive into the contents of your author media kit.

Now...some folks would argue that this information isn't needed until after you've published your book...and isn't this something your publisher should be handling? *snort*

I would argue that developing an author media kit page for your website is a great thing to have, even if you are still pre-published. (In fact, it is something I need to add to my own website.) Having a media kit will be one more indicator that you:

  • take your writing career seriously
  • want to work with media outlets (bloggers, news, television, print, etc.)
  • are a professional
  • want to be 'easy to work with'

So...What the heck do I need to include in my media kit?

A basic media kit should include:
  • at least one high resolution author portrait (preferably a professionally produced portrait, not a blurry selfie taken with your smartphone)
  • a brief bio (content that would be used at the end of a guest blog post or article)
  • a full bio (content that might be used if you were to ever be a keynote speaker)
  • high resolution images of your book covers (if published)

Some media kits also include:
  • press releases 
  • book trailers
  • links to articles, interviews, and guest blog posts
  • upcoming events
  • brag sheet (awards won and other honors)
  • an 'about me' type interview sheet (your very own question and answer page)

If you do a little research, you'll find that many big name authors do not have media kits. Instead they have contact information for their publicist, agent, or other public relations resources. We would all hope to be on this level one day...but in the mean time, here are links to media kits on the websites of two of my favorite successful authors:

Kristina McMorris - notice that Kristina also include video clips

Where should you put this information on my website? You can make a new tab named 'Media Kit' or include this information on a combination 'Events & Media' page. Or you can include your media kit as part of your 'About Me' or 'Contact' page. 

Consider adding a media kit to your website. 
You will make a lasting impression and be perceived as an organized professional.