Friday, September 11, 2015

A Keen Eye & Fresh Perspective

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
It occurred to me (Morgan) this morning, that our last few posts have had a consistent theme of messaging with a heavy focus on the point-of-purchase (POP) arm of marketing.  When most people think of POP, they generally tend to focus on displays and signs...this line of thought made me think: What are the components of a well designed sign?  The reverse question also occurred to me: What constitutes a 'bad' sign design?  

A well designed POP sign should communicate its core message in one glance.

People new to marketing and sign design often try to cram in too much information.  Just think what the state of traffic would be, if the street signs contained too many details?  Drivers would be too distracted deciphering street signs to avoid car crashes!  When on the highway, how do you know where the fast food chains are for each exit?  Their logos, distance, and two words: "Next Exit" make it clear, in one glance, where you can get burgers versus tacos.

Examine the poster below.  Is it clear what type of story you would get if you bought Ms. Marvelle's book? <Steamy!>

In store sign at Jan's Paperbacks.  See last Wednesday's Field Report for details.
For this week's field trip, we would like for you to take extra note of the signs you encounter in your everyday life.
·                     Which ones are easy to comprehend / digest in one glance?
·                     For the signs that contain more detailed information, which ones actually make you stop to read them?  Which ones do you just pass by without reading?  Why?
·                     How can you apply what you learned to your POP signs?

          Put your POP signs to work.  Communicate in one glance.     

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This week, I would like for you to take a moment to think about three popular brands:

·                     Office Max
·                     Staples
·                     Office Depot
What thoughts and images immediately come to mind?  Maybe your mind jumped to the toner or ink you need for your printer, plain tiled floors and fully stocked shelves, or helpful staff.

Take a look at their websites via the links provided.  Pretty standard stuff, here.  Exactly what you would expect from an office supply website: extensive navigation bars, a large promo ad of some sort, and sales or discounts highlighted.

Now, I would like for you to venture over to a new site I discovered: Poppin.

Poppin. also sells office supplies, but what's different? 
They took a fresh perspective on how to design and market their office supplies!

I just love to be surprised and refreshed.  And how refreshing it is to find a company that has taken something so mundane as 'office supply shopping' and raised it to a new level.  

Did you notice that you can shop for goods based on color?
<for some reason this fact makes me giggle like a school girl.>

Note: Businesses have brands and cultures.  Nonfiction authors, nonprofit organizations, and politicians have platforms.  Fiction authors have genres and PERSONAS.  Keeping this in mind, note how Poppin.'s "work happy" culture is present in all corners of their web presence.  (Check out their 'Meet Poppin', 'We Give Back', and 'Fun Stuff' links at the bottom of their web page.)

Your assignment for this week:
·                     Take a look at your website with a fresh perspective
·                     How can you incorporate your PERSONA into all corners of your marketing?
·                     Through your writing, are you taking a fresh perspective on an established genre?  Is this new spin adequately represented on your website and in your promotional materials?
            Don't be afraid to try something new and let your PERSONA shine through.       

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Morgan here with another Wednesday workshop.  It is a scientifically proven fact that color has an affect on mood, hunger, and purchasing habits.....yup, purchasing habits.  I found this great post via a link Therese recently shot my way.  I tried to embed the post graphic, but the resolution is a little fuzzy.  If you are unable to read it here, check out this direct link to the infographic from Daily Infographic.  

I challenge you to try to think of ways to integrate the information below into your PERSONA & POP designs.

Hopefully, you can now understand why I love, love, love marketing!  

            It's so fascinating!     

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