Friday, July 31, 2015

Product Families, Placement, & World Building

Therese Says: These two Field Trips are short and included in entirety. However, Morgan's World Building Workshop is a must see so be sure to click the link on the title or TO SEE MORE link.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal? Hot or cold, there are a plethora of products to choose from on the grocery store shelf.  Brightly colored boxes from various brands and manufacturer’s tout the nutritional value and healthy benefits of these products.

If you haven’t guessed, this week’s field trip takes you to the cereal aisle of your local grocery store or corner food market.

Here are the questions I would like for you to consider:

Note the different kinds of Chex, Cheerios, and Quaker Oatmeal that are on the shelf…
·              How are the different kinds of Chex (or Cheerios, or Quaker Oatmeal) tied together as a family?
o               What do the boxes have in common?
o               What’s different?
·              How are the different families of products grouped together on the shelves?
o               Are all the Chex (or Cheerios or Quaker Oatmeal) group together or spread out?
o               Where are the children’s cereals placed relative to the adult cereals?
If you are self-publishing a series of books, are you using common visual cues and layouts for the series covers?

If you are traditionally published, how did your publisher connect your series of books together for readers?

For Everyone:  How are you marketing your series of books?  Do your pieces show them as a “family” of products?  

If your audience has to read your books in a specific order, is the correct order clearly stated or illustrated in your marketing campaign?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Ok, so your latest work-in-progress (WIP) features a new spin on an old fairy tale, danger, adventure, and all manner of mayhem.  It is completely different from anything you have ever written before and you really aren't sure of where it is going, let alone how to market it.

Today's field trip takes you to your favorite bookstore.

With an eye for marketing, I want you to take note of the following things:
·                     How is the bookstore organized?
·                     Where are the YA books placed in the store relative to the adult fiction? Inspirational? Home decor?
·                     How are the latest books positioned in the store?
·                     Which books are placed at eye level versus being placed lower on the shelf?
·                     How are the end caps structured?  (End caps are the displays at the end of each row.)
·                     What other non-book products are placed on the book displays? (These are the 'pull through' products.)
Where will you books be placed on the shelf?  Now that you are aware of your product placement, how can you use this information to design a better marketing campaign?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morgan, here, with another workshop to get your creative juices flowing.  One of the things I love about writing, is world building.  Some authors use giant poster boards to collect images, scraps, and pictures for inspiration.  Since my day job requires tons of travel, I decided to combine my love of scrapbooking and collage to create a portable world building journal.
Morgan says: My latest WIP is a steampunk novel.  I plotted the story and started writing.  After consulting with some of my dear writing friends, I came to the conclusion that my story would fit well in YA.  This decision on product placement will help me formulate my marketing strategy.  Since writing steampunk YA is such a HUGE departure from anything I've written before, I've decided to take a new pen name for this project.  My product placement decision will have a ripple effect on other aspects of my writing career.  Note:  I started by plotting and planning a story that really got my blood pumping,  THEN I investigated where it would fit with regards to audience and genre.  Always start with a story you LOVE and everything else will eventually fall into place.  [ TO SEE MORE of"My Steampunk World" journal ]

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