Friday, May 8, 2015

Marketing Your Book

In our recent posts, we focused on the marketing efforts of Renee Bernard. Ms. Bernard is an author who started her career writing historical romances. Recently, she added contemporary romance to her repertoire. Yes, there was some overlap between her historical and contemporary readers, however to promote her new genre and find new readers she embarked on a marketing campaign specifically designed for her new books. At the back of our Author Marketing 101 book, you will find two author case studies: one focused on a book specific campaign and one focused on an author PERSONA. Let's take a closer look at some of our previous posts that discussed book specific marketing.

Kari Luna - Do What's Fun Marketing

The Theory of Everything is a contemporary, young adult (YA) novel that features a fourteen year old heroine who loves eighties music. Led by a panda shaman, she finds a connection to her missing father via the mixtapes he made for her before he disappeared.

Pulling from her experiences in advertising and playing organ in a variety of bands, Ms. Luna used a 1980's aesthetic as the theme for her marketing campaign and promotional materials.

Questions to ponder:

  1. What themes and aesthetics can be pulled from your latest work and used in your promotions?
  2. Can portions of your world building be used as extra content on your website?
  3. Band pins, t-shirts, and mixtapes are mentioned throughout The Theory of Everything. Are there any items or artifacts in your story that can be turned into promotional tools?
  4. What are some of the things you like to do that are fun for you? Is there a way to leverage these activities to PUSH your books or PERSONA?

Jonathan Evison - Do What's Fun Marketing

For his book West of Here, he put his world building to work and created a website for the fictional town of Port Bonita, Washington.

The Links tab takes you to both real and fictional websites for more content. Mr. Evison stated that he had a reader claim that Port Bonita really exists because they were able to find a Chamber of Commerce website. He had to inform his reader that he created that page, as well as the page for the restaurant featured in his book.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. What extra content (interesting tidbits from your research, drawings, pictures, notes, etc.) do you have sitting in a file that could be reused to enrich your website?
  2. As we all know, our readers enjoy our stories and the experience of being submerged into the worlds we create on the page. What are some ways that you can extend that experience beyond the pages of your books?
Additional posts to review:

Children's book authors have character based websites and promotions. Children tend to ask for books based on topics and characters. "I want to read dinosaurs" or "I want to read Angelina Ballerina" have both been uttered by any number of children around the world.

Our personal opinion is there are loads of wonderful How To books for nonfiction authors to build their author platform, especially if it is a How To or Specific Topic platform. Writer's Digest Books and Magazines are chock full of decades of advice for authors to become known as being an authority on their topic. However: Memoirs are 100% the professional nonfiction writer in a specific and genuine Author Persona With a Topic.


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  2. Good stuff. It's easy to hung up about marketing or advertising. We've been schooled to be suspicious of both. This kind of marketing celebrates expands ... brings to life ... elements of the story and the back story, for readers who are already happily invested. Yes, it's marketing, but nothing false about it. Interesting, fun ... even exciting. Thanks!

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