Friday, April 24, 2015

Putting It All Together: Renee Bernard - A Case Study

Our last two posts featured insights and advice from the ever lovely Renee Bernard - author and podcast extraordinaire. Let's take a moment to point out some of the wonderful marketing Ms. Bernard has implemented.

  • She has a well defined author persona. Basically, Ms. Bernard is her upbeat, hilarious self in her posts, on her website, and during her podcasts. Even her author portrait reflects an air of fun and whimsy.
  • She's professional.While she was making her leap into romantic comedy, it would have been really easy for her to be bitter and rant about the reactions she received from some of her industry contacts (and we're sure she had her moments, she's human, we're allowed to get frustrated and angry). Instead, she remained professional, didn't air her dirty laundry, and persevered via self-publishing. In addition, her websites and promotional work are all polished and well presented.
  • The website for the 'Eternity Gambit' is an accurate representation of  her books. It is also well designed, easy to navigate, and hilarious. Anyone who has worked for a big corporation can relate to the graphics and wording on this website. What makes it funny is the fact that it is the website for H.E. LLc! Check out the 'About' page, too...especially the line: 'We're not evil. We just know where all the bodies are buried.' homepage
  • For her audience, she has implemented a multi-tiered, multi-media campaign that includes book trailers. Here is the trailer for 'Devil to Pay' and the trailer for 'Devil May Care.' Notice that her trailers are in line with her website, book covers, and world building.
  • Bonus Note: her book trailers drive traffic to her website which contains BUY links on her "Buy The Books" page. Plus, on this page readers have a variety of retailers to choose from.
  • Through her podcasts, Ms. Bernard helps to share the love by promoting other authors. Whether or not the interviewed author has a common audience with Ms. Bernard, this cross-marketing helps build her professional network and could potentially generate some word-of-mouth buzz.
  • Her business cards are in line her marketing efforts, as well.
  • We met her at a reader focused conference and we were able to reach out to her via Facebook and email.
There are many aspects of Ms. Bernard's marketing efforts that are just plain done well. Check out her work and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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