Friday, November 28, 2014

We're on Hiatus: Happy Holidays!

We do not add new content during our Holiday Season. Instead, we offer a collection of links for you to peruse. We'll be back in 2015.

Creating a Fabulous Book Launch Event

Marketing Outside The Box by Marci NaultFor her Book Launch Party – she  decided to cross-promote with local artists, wineries, theater companies, comedy clubs, and caterers. The outcome? A party that would’ve cost over $5000, but instead was only $200. She signed more than 100 books, and in this post she shares what she did to make that happen!

Insights from our favorite local Bookseller 
(Hint: Create a relationship with one near you!)

The Authors Road: A collection of author interviews offering insights. Look through their collection for your favorite authors. This project is labor of love from George, Salli & Ella: "We are doing this to honor one of America’s greatest natural resources — its writers."

Words Are All You Have - Jessica Page Morrell

Insights from Publicity Professionals

Publicity Professionals Enhance the Author Persona - Sharon Bially of Book Savvy Public Relations  

Enjoy our Book! 
Enjoy cruising around all the posts and tips here on our blog. 

       Happy Holidays and Have a Joyous New Year!
                                        Therese and Morgan

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