Friday, October 31, 2014

The Professional Persona

Therese and Morgan Say: Creating this Author Marketing 101 site, and now our Guide and Journal, began because we were hearing tons of misapplied marketing terms being directed at novelists. If you're new to this site please review our Persona and Push, Pull, POP pages! Novelists need a Persona for their marketing plan while it is their novels that need to be branded by genre. 

Persona vs. Brand: What's the Difference?
Most, if not all, of the marketing information targeted at authors tout the necessity for an author to develop their "brand" and "platform". One of the main reasons we started this website is our strong conviction that this advice is WRONG.
CORPORATIONS and businesses have brands. Politicians and activists have platforms.
So, what's the difference between a "brand" and a "persona"? [Read More!]
Okay, you've worked on your persona and have a clue about your brand. You're ready for the social media circus but... Which one is right for you and your audience? Not all networking is like grandmas sharing baby pictures, or foodies discussing recipes.

Linked In: Keep it Professional, Please...
Never heard of Linked In? Linked In is a professional networking site where people in different industries gather to share information. The key word in that last sentence is professional. On our newly minted Social Media Content Spectrum, Linked In content should be closer to the "Pious Grandmother" end of the spectrum. In other words, if you wouldn't want your average grandmother to read it, don't post it on Linked In. (Though your pious grandmother may actually enjoy fluffy pink kittens, don't post kittens either - leave them for Twitter and Facebook.) [Read More!]

Or maybe the whole social media thing is just too confusing. You're nostalgic for the days when there was a daily newspaper with a book section....

If you feel even Google is too confusing, and there's no proof any of that social media stuff works to sell books, you can return to your cave and write novels as a starving artist. Go for it. You'll be joining the time honored tradition of being consumed by your art. At least your brilliance will be found sometime in the future, right?

Don't despair! Digital media hasn't stood the test of time like chiseling stone tablets but success stories do continue to sprinkle from the internet clouds.
Here's an interesting one:

Taking the Long View (featuring Tawna Fenske) 

Haven't heard of Tawna? That's okay, we haven't heard of you - yet. But we applaud Tawna's marketing on every level so her website is a great case study for you to use as an example of all our tips and tricks.

We're sending you on a bit of a webbit tour with all these links.

In the business of publishing today it is in your best interests to keep your eyes open to all options, just don't make yourself crazy. Go back to your writer cave for a month or two and draft your next novel. Take a break to refill your creative well. Maybe you need to wait until the next new moon to take a look at your publishing options for your next novel.

We've already got a post about that, too:

The debate over whether to publish via Traditional, Indie, Digital, Print, or Self has ebbed and flowed over time. In fact, authors are now encouraged to have a HYBRID publishing career strategy. Don't You just LUV how fast the advice changes? [Read More!]
The Professional Author knows to focus on the craft of writing and the art of storytelling. The Professional Persona is for turning that craft and art into a career.

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