Friday, July 11, 2014

Putting Your Street Team to Work!

As we've mentioned in past posts, we attended the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, LA in May. Of course, we were on the look out for GREAT marketing in action. Here's an example of what we found....

Saturday at RT is primarily composed of Teen Day and The Giant Book Sale. This year, there were two ballrooms full of authors signing books and double the usual number of convention goers.

As attendees, hundreds of us lined up in a snaking queue to enter The Giant Book Sale. (Some folks started lining up more than two hours ahead of time.) As we stood in line, shifting our weight from foot to foot, this guy in a tailored white shirt started moving through the throng of people handing out fliers and engaging otherwise bored readers in witty conversation.

The snaking queue waiting for the book sale to open.

Who was this guy? He was a member of Team Callahan, the street team for Coreene Callahan.


In fact, the execution of this marketing activity was so great it merits further comment and analysis!

  • I don't want to objectify this guy, but let's face facts, Ms. Callahan knows her audience. Utilizing what we shall dub the 'hunk-o-man walking billboard' definitely got our attention. I mean really... Is there a better way to promote your romance books to romance readers? The fact that he was also engaging us in conversation also made this strategy a winner.

Coreene Callahan's 'hunk-o-man walking billboard' street team member.
  • Notice that his shirt features a dragon...This one image is a HUGE clue as to what Ms. Callahan writes. If the reader doesn't like dragon stories, they could smile and walk away. But if a reader LOVES dragon stories, well now you most definitely have their attention.
  • The image includes her full name and website. Yes! Send readers to your website to learn more and access your BUY links. Smartphones and e-readers make this information even more important - now the reader can make an impulse buy!
  • Her tagline: "Romance on the Razor's Edge" also give readers a clue as to what to expect with regards to the story content.
  • You can make this shirt at home! Just pull a shirt out of your closet and apply an iron-on decal. (You can purchase printer friendly iron-on decals at your local office supply store or online. (Here's one we found!)
Of course, your walking billboard doesn't have to be a 'hunk-o-man'....And you do want to be careful that your street team members know when people are interested and when to move along. (Truly there are very few things worse than being stuck in line with an annoying and talkative person.)

We did not know Coreene Callahan or her books before we met her street team member. All that we can say is that we met him in May. It is now July and we STILL know who Coreene Callahan is, what she writes, and where to buy her books....that, my friends, is called good marketing.

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