Friday, June 20, 2014

Taking the Long View

We've stated marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. We've advised taking the time to create your online presence and author persona before you venture into the land of social media. Why would you follow our advice? Everything in social media changes so fast why do we advocate the slow and steady approach when stories of viral bestsellers abound?

Of course your book will be that next sensation. But are you sure it's the one you just published or the one you're still writing? What if you follow our advice and keep working your career as a novelist? A novelist must do three things:

  1. Produce good stories 
  2. Tell readers about them 
  3. Point out Where to Purchase them

Where's the proof that those three steps will generate sales?

We've got proof!  And it's on the internet so that means it is True! <Wink, wink >

Tawna Fenske never took our advice on anything.
She already knew to Pull & Push through her Persona before we offered our first workshop. Tawna also did a whole lot of marketing and promotional activity in the first year of her career.

She no longer blogs daily, as she did as a newbie author with one book being released. Her story of "Building my brand, one crude joke at a time" was shared here, as an example of how marketing that is begun well can be maintained with fun. Now when Tawna posts a blog it is picked up by an established fan base of followers in their chosen manner of delivery. She is focused on producing more books and building her readership.

We first introduced Tawna Fenske's marketing journey to our readers in July of 2012, with a re-post of her story posted on her own blog in March of 2010. Tawna was a newbie author with one soon-to-be available novel. In 2010 blogging was the place to be in social media. Tweets were flying but there's only so much VOICE to showcase in 140 characters and hashtags unless they're used to spread the link to an engaging blog post.

Now she has a new story how networking through social media with her fans and readers - can generate sales!

In her "day-job" Tawna interacts directly with businesses and customers through media and personally. As a novelist, Tawna understands and implements our core messages and now interacts directly with readers through various technology tools. She celebrates the sale at the Point Of Purchase. Her website is more blue and neutral to showcase her novels but her blogspot has stayed pink.

In 2010, Tawna was a newbie author using the current social media to engage readers with her voice so she'd have an audience as soon as her novel was released. Now, only four years later, her latest novel was widely distributed to many places where it could be purchased! This created the promotional challenge of how to tell potential readers that her book was worth a read!

So Tawna let her fans and avid readers know that her book was available in so many places that she couldn't list them all. Her readers went looking for them and - spread the news!!!

On May 26th, 2014, Tawna posted on her blog how her fans became booksellers of her latest novel. We are not going to recap this story. It needs to be experienced in her own words. 

Please note, Tawna started blogging in 2010! Now, four years later, she has an established network of readers and followers who will not only buy her books - they will help promote them, too. Taking the long view by being consistent with the quality of her products (books & content) and voice has allowed Tawna to set a solid foundation for success. She's been discovered and her base is helping her maintain her momentum. She doesn't have to blog everyday, so now she can focus more on writing her next book!

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