Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Hiatus - Links to Review

We do not add new content during our Holiday Season. Instead, we offer a collection of links for you to peruse. We'll be back in 2014.

Creating a Fabulous Book Launch Event

Marketing Outside The Box by Marci Nault: For her Book Launch Party – she  decided to cross-promote with local artists, wineries, theater companies, comedy clubs, and caterers. The outcome? A party that would’ve cost over $5000, but instead was only $200. She signed more than 100 books, and in this post she shares what she did to make that happen!

Have an Ebook Launch Party: This is a great example for an author to launch one book.

Insights on The Writing Life

The Authors Road: A collection of author interviews offering insights. Look through their collection for your favorite authors. This project is labor of love from George, Salli & Ella: "We are doing this to honor one of America’s greatest natural resources — its writers."

Hugh Howey: Remembers the best days of his life as a writer, and why they were.

Insight on Who Reads Your Books

Wise Ink: The difference between Active vs. Passive Readers

Seth Godin: The cycle of media, fans to feeders

Insights from Publicity Professionals

Publicity Professionals Enhance the Author Persona - Sharon Bially of Book Savvy Public Relations  

Enjoy our Book! 
Enjoy cruising around all the posts and tips here on our blog. 
And Don't Forget:

Gary D. Robson Book Signing Tips for Authors: 

While you’re at it, engage the staff. Be pleasant. Chat with them (when there isn’t a customer waiting). Offer to sign a book for them. Make them want to send customers over to your table. This will pay off in spades the next day when they’re telling everyone how wonderful you were and showing off your books. The signing is only the beginning. If they like you (and you wrote a decent book, of course), then they’ll hand-sell your books for months. On the flip side…

Don’t monopolize the staff. Keeping the employees from doing their job does not lead to happy store managers!

Happy Holidays and Have a Joyous New Year!
Therese and Morgan

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