Friday, October 18, 2013

PNBA 2013 Recap

This is only one corner of the  Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) Fall Tradeshow and it was awesome for us to spend days surrounded by books and book lovers. We learned a lot, and that we have lots to learn about the layers of producing, distributing, and selling books. It was great that many of these industry professionals were thrilled with our little book, our message, and workshop. We were also thrilled to be able to offer this blog site as a repository for so many examples of good marketing, creating author events, and more.

It was a marvelous opportunity to be featured authors, autographing our book for our fellow authors as well as for librarians, publicists, agents, booksellers, and others who have made their passion for books into their profession. It was fulfilling to have so many ruffling the pages of our book and talking about how to put our advice to use, for themselves and to help each other. It warmed our hearts!

Experts in cover design, formatting, distribution, selling, and Marketing (Of Course!) wanted to chat with us and our publisher. It was suggested we create additional books to broaden our audience base. Libraries don't like to shelve books that encourage readers to write, draw, and tatter the pages so if we want to reach library patrons (and we do!) we'll need to create another version of this book for those shelves.

We have events and presentations scheduled through the Spring of 2014, but also have to keep our own career advice front and center. We're writers and novelists first, so we'll be working on our novels before we create another marketing book.

We saw lots of great displays but that's because it was a huge room full of professional exhibitors. Instead of looking for examples of marketing to post here, we spent our time ruffling the pages of many books and chatting. Everyone in the room was as passionate about books as we are.

For another impression of this trade show - read Keely Burkey's post for the student run publishing house at Portland State University, Ooligan Press.

Our friend Kristina McMorris was a featured author and she's also our primary example of a Great Author Website that we use in our workshop.

When we met our publisher on June 4th, Shelley stated she wanted to be selling it at the PNBA Tradeshow on October 6, 2013.
Yep, four months from contract to autographing!

Fortunately we had spent a week brainstorming a proposal for this book, so we knew it was a doable venture even with our very busy schedules. This summer may forever remain a blur in our memories, but we'll never forget how thrilled we were to sign our author names that first time, especially since everyone was so enthusiastic to have one of our books for their very own.

For an entirely different conference experience - Check Out this post by our Friends at Wise Ink and the 12 Things We Learned at the 2013 Writer's Digest Conference West.  

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