Friday, September 20, 2013

Cover Fonts: Terri Patrick Case Study

Therese was fortunate to get a variety of options to pick, from Soul Mate Publishing, regarding the cover of her novel. This couple in a clinch is a good representation of the characters and the flavor of the story, aside from his hair being too short, and hers is too long and blond.
Chosen image out of 9 Mock Ups

What can we tell about the story from these Mock Ups?
  • It's a contemporary romance novel. 
  • There are beautiful people. 
  • There's a windy beach. 
  • It's got a fun and sensual flavor. 
  • It's not a bare-skin-steamy or erotic story. 

Therese says: Some of the other Mock Up covers, by Ramona, had different people and poses which were easy to dismiss and I wanted my name on the bottom, instead of across my heroes head. After that, there were a few Fonts in various Sizes, Colors, and Placement, to consider. I like the chiseled from stone look because it feels both whimsical and enduring.

If this image was the only "Final" - I would have been THRILLED.

But! There were Four "Final" versions with different font colors. There were TWO choices that were perfect covers! Which to choose? I'd hate to choose one then regret I didn't choose the other. So here's what I did. I copied my two favorites into a file and emailed them to my sisters and two friends. My friends instantly chose the one above with a whole list of reasons.

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Here's the actual cover - and why:
  • While waiting to hear from my sisters, who were not as responsive as my friends, I asked my husband his opinion and he liked the red title as he's a bit color blind. 
  • I also shrunk both images to Thumbnail Size, and the blue title blended into the background. It didn't stand out at all! 
  • My sisters, and their (color challenged) husbands, also liked the red title, and the subtitle in white, instead of both in the same color.
Now, months later, and having reviewed all my options, I'm still thrilled with this cover. I really like this font for my name and title! I tried to replicate it on my business cards - but that's another story.

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  1. I definitely like your final cover the best. Fonts are sooooo important. Having your name stand out, as well as the title is also very important. I learned that the hard way with my Sweetwater Canyon series. Consequently, I am redoing all the covers in the series and reuploading with the new covers when Book 3 comes out.

    Interesting observations about the models not having to match your characters exactly. I know that readers sometimes comment on a model not matching, but I agree that the most important aspects of a cover are that it match the genre and send a message to that genre's readers that this is the kind of book they always read.

    Huge congrats on getting your book published and on getting a good cover. I hope you sell zillions.