Friday, August 30, 2013

Seamless Self Promotion: What the Heck Does that Mean?

If you follow our blog (and soon buy our book - yay!) you've probably noticed the phrase "Seamless Self Promotion" is used often.  We wanted to take a moment to take a step back and clearly define the phrase for you.

In professional marketing speak, Seamless Self Promotion is a multi-tiered marketing campaign that encompasses a variety of touch points to drive sales.

In layman terms, Seamless Self Promotion is a series of promotional activities (reader events, blog tours, giveaways, website announcements, etc.) that utilizes a variety of mediums (print, radio, video, live speaking engagements, book signings) to help increase sales.  All of these activities should have a common theme, look, and feel.  All of these activities are coordinated to occur over a period of time that usually coincides with a pending book launch, or a For Sale Now option to buy.

Your campaign should start before your book is released to build buzz.  It should also include an announcement push on the day your book is ready for sale to (guess what) encourage folks to BUY your book.  But, it should not end on buy day...your campaign should include gentle nudges to remind people that: your book is released, you have a back list (if applicable), more books are coming, and you have an engaging PERSONA.

Speaking of PERSONA, your PERSONA is the core of your Seamless Self Promotion.  It is the glue that bonds all of your efforts together.  Your website is your home base for your PERSONA and BUY links are your store front.
Therese Says: Here's a good place to be clear that when someone arrives at your website (through any point of contact with you) you have been FOUND. You have been DISCOVERED. The latest buzz about Discoverability is all about getting noticed by your potential audience and leading them to learn more - which in today's online world means - at your website. Our marketing advice here is about creating What is Discovered and Your Ability to make it happen, but also how to make it work for you once you are Found, or Discovered. Through your Author Persona, and at your website, your audience is Engaged to Explore and Enticed to a Point-of-Purchase that happens with a BUY link! 
There is no 'shame' in promoting yourself and your books (products).  The real shame would be if you poured your heart and soul into a story and managed to get it polished and published, only to have no one know that it exists.

Questions to Ponder:
  • Am I presenting my author persona with a common look and feel throughout my promotional activities?
  • What are some things I can do to tell my readers (audience) that my book is coming, it's available for sale, 'hello, it's still here', and (by-the-way) I have other books and short stories available for sale, too? <Hint: check out our other blog posts for ideas.>
  • Am I actively engaging in Seamless Self Promotion and finding new ways to reach my audience?


  1. Good post. I like the "seamless" part. Implementing is another thing. :) I think I'm okay at telling readers when my book is coming. I'm not as good at the common look and feel throughout promotional activites. Working on it.

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