Friday, April 5, 2013

POP - Have an Ebook Launch Party

"It's an E-Book, there's no books to sign and sell, why would I have a Book Launch Party?"
We've heard this said both as a relief that the author didn't need to do that "selling" or "reading" in public thing - - and also in annoyance that digital releases have denied the author this exciting rite of passage. It is the most intimate and exciting Point-Of-Purchase for an author!

Then we heard of a Book Launch Party taking place at the local Starbucks. Therese arrived with camera (and her sister) to see what it would be like - and -

We Are Thrilled To Share Deanne Wilstead's E-Book Launch Party!

Table at the entrance:
Includes Release Party Poster. Raffle Bin. Paper to enter raffle. Pens.
Mailing List Signup Sheet.  Promo Cards

4 x 6 Promo Card with Title, Cover, Author, Buy Now At: Website, Publisher
Back of Promo Card includes blurbs for both books by the author.
Main Table includes snacks, printed reviews in the quote bubble.
Copy of the review in the local newspaper.
One Review in a Quote Bubble - This makes it much more fun to read!
Meet A New Reader, who is also a neighbor, While Looking Your Best!
A display table that shows The Book on a basic Kindle - this is a nice touch!
Raffle Prizes were drawn and awarded between short talks and readings by the author.

If you have a delightful young girl to do a reading, as the young girl who is a primary character in your story, You've just made a Triple Score with your audience.
The entire Starbucks was silent to listen!

This a great example of how to present a Book Launch Party for a Digital Release Day - but most importantly - the audience was thrilled to be invited. This is the Starbucks where Deanne goes to write her stories. AND - for followers of her blog with the delightful theme of "Overheard at..." the location on those posts originated at Starbucks.

What would you do for your own Book Launch to make it represent you and your books?


  1. Thanks for sharing this post! Learned a lot and the final question gives me something to think about...or actually, mull over.

  2. Thanks so much for spotlighting my event. It was such fun to plan, and even more fun to run. I think the highlight for me was the Q&A. I was terrified that no one would aks anything so I planted a couple of questions with my husband; no need. The Q&A took off as soon as the first person jumped in.

    After the event the manager received so many questions about it and the author that she asked me to post a flyer on the bulletin board for a while. It turned out to be a double whammy for me.

    Thanks Therese and sister for joining int he fun!

  3. Very impressive! So many great ideas to steal. Even though I have both ebooks and print books for all of my publications, I think these ideas are still great ones for anybody.

    May I ask when this event took place? I'm afraid I've lost track of my calendar in the last few weeks. I'm truly sorry to have missed the launch.

    Huge congrats to Deanne for the successful launch and for being a great example to the rest of us.

  4. This is wonderful information. I like having something I can glean ideas from.

  5. What fantastic ideas for an ebook launch party. When I had a launch party for my first novel, Mist last October, *waving over my head at Paty Jager who was a HUGE help.* The book was only out in ebook. Paty took preorders at the party. I did a reading. We had food that was mentioned in the book (plus wine). There was a "fortuneteller" who was a character in the book and my nephew played classical guitar music.

    It was a fun event, but some of these ideas could have fit into the mix nicely. Thanks for sharing!

    Danita Cahill

    1. Wow. Love the fortuneteller and classical guitarist addition. It reminds me of when Marc Acito launched his "Attack of the Theater People" with a performance of show tunes. It was awesome.

  6. Love this idea! I am releasing a digital book this year and I was contemplating how to do this and you have just made me feel so at ease! It looked awesome and you had a great turn out.