Friday, March 1, 2013

Push Marketing - Make It Seamless

The catch phrase for authors a few years ago was to Market themselves in Shameless Self-Promotion to increase sales. Not surprisingly, authors balked at such antics, tucked tighter into their writing holes and cursed the Shame of Marketing. And the myths grew like double headed dragons.

PUSH Marketing is Promoting your books through your Persona, to specific target audiences - with a purpose. You PUSH (share-inform-advertise) your release date, your cover, your appearances, your contests.

A good PUSH is another PULL to your Persona and Books. This process is seamless and the basis of marketing. Invest your time and energy into a dynamic plan instead of tossing cash into gimmicks.
Morgan says: There are two ways you can execute PUSH marketing: 1) Utilize a well thought out, targeted, and precise plan or 2) Blast your promotions to as many warm bodies as possible.  Another way to think of it is to compare the art of George Seurat to Jackson Pollock.  Seurat was a pointillist who used tiny brushes to apply even tinier dots of paint to his canvases. Up close, his paintings look like a collection of dots of random colors.  Stepping back from the canvas reveals a painting filled with vibrant colors and contrasting shadows for distinct figures.  Jackson Pollock was a drip painter who used sticks and brushes to wildly splash and drip paint onto his canvases.  Both methods produce A painting....but one method produces a clearer picture.  As an author (or small business owner), taking the time to plan and focus your efforts will produce a much clearer message for your target audience.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Pierre Seurat, a superb example of French Post-Impressionist pointillism!
Autumn Rhythm by Jacson Pollock, fun & energetic, abrastract expressionist, drip painting.

Focus on connections with READERS and their desire to be entertained and informed about a topic. Writers may be readers but not all readers are writers!
Therese says: For example: You are a fan of motocross but your Author Persona writes historical fiction. The only way a dirt bike will show up in your stories is with a time travel element. However, because you are part of the motocross community you know there’s plenty of time to read a book between events at the track, especially when your reader is a bystander, or part of the crew. This is your broader audience who will buy your book to read because you are part of that community.
It is common for readers to choose their books because they like the author, or a friend recommends it, so being part of a social media community gives you the chance to be both online, instead of in the path of exhaust or mud.

Social Media Tools are FREE so go wherever the FUN is for you. Where you want to be is where you will find readers while being the genuine you. Gaming, Tweeting, interacting on sites like FaceBook, GoodReads, and many more, are current tools of the PUSH process. Finding more focused communities and niche markets are even better! 
Morgan says: This is where authors stumble and find the social media process daunting or a waste of time that would be better served writing another book. Often they enter a social sphere with a new account and unique password but without a Persona or a purpose, or they didn't set it up with a direct website link. OR {the biggest waste of time} they jumped into the latest new social fad for a flurry of promoting then avoided it forever after. It is SO important that you select a medium that you like and will CONSISTENTLY use.  Remember, your goal is to become an accepted member of whatever social media community you choose to join....repost links, reTweet, pay-it-forward...{here's what most authors miss} Social media communities are based on a give and a take.  If you post infrequently and all of your posts are 'buy my book', I guarantee you will be ignored.
PUSH information to your readers to inform them of your latest release; appearances, contests, free reads, etc., via Facebook, LinkedIn, and GoodReads, or whatever social media tool you like. There's no way to know where the new buzz will be. Maybe it's your knitting network that's all abuzz over your book. Those knitters probably love audio books, and then buzz about your books into networks that could be global.
Therese says: Each time your name appears in any social media sphere you are opening a gateway to your Author Persona Experience. To make Social Media Tools work for you, you cannot be a stagnant profile with information that includes a book. You must be willing to engage in the experience of the community within that chosen social sphere. You want to be in that community, engaged socially in a way that enhances and encourages Your Experience as your Author Persona. This is how it circles back. You're having an Experience within that Social Media Community that engages You. That enthusiasm will generate interest in You and PULL readers to the Experience you've created at your website.
One of the most practical PUSH methods, at the moment, is a Quarterly email newsletter that Readers have Requested to Receive. The best place to request a reader sign up for your quarterly NewsLetter is through a  sincere plea for readers to sign up for your NewsLetter - with the link listed in full text - in the Author Bio, at the end of your book. The only drawback for this method is your audience has to first read, and love, your book. That's why all the above methods are suggested to get those initial readers.

You are missing the bulk of your audience if you only connect with writers.

What does your Persona do when not writing?
What do you do?
Find your readers there.

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