Friday, March 29, 2013

Blogging as a Push - Pull

This card is all workshop attendees carry home. 
Since this is the 5th Friday in March, and an extra post for the month, we'd like to remind our readers that we began this AM101 site to be a handout for our workshops! 
We want to help our fellow authors and aspiring novelists gain a better perspective on the marketing dragon. It's a whole career process and a one-time conference class is not effective. The card for this site is our handout because our workshops are hands-on, interactive, and include crayons. We obviously have more advice than a 90 minute time slot and wanted to be more "green" than a paper handout packet. 
This site is FUN for us! We're thrilled that our attempts to help our friends is now gaining global attention. We're glad to help and ADORE all the new friends we've made by posting marketing advice. 
 There's tons of awesome marketing services, guides, and publicists, and we aren't that. We're the basic, the preliminary, the first step of marketing, the 101 class. This site will help you determine when you need professional services for your career - and be knowledgeable enough to spend wisely. We don't want anyone to be scammed, or spend cash on gimmicks, or waste time on a trend that's not beneficial to their career.
Now for some more advice:

To Blog or Not To Blog – that is one question few seem to ask prior to creating a blog. So let’s break this down to the basics as well, what is a blog? If you can’t answer that question the first thing to do is start reading blogs. The best example is journalism, with a variety of topics specific to you. You'll quickly notice that many bloggers are really only self promoters. There's nothing wrong with that! It's using the blog as a PUSH. A better blogging intent is to also use it as a PULL with interesting content FROM the Author Persona.

A blog requires having something interesting to say beyond a limited text block. A blog is one of the venues used to post the interesting stuff that is then shared through tiny URL links on other social networks. A blog site can easily be set up to be a free website and your primary real estate in the internet cloud.

It is a myth that you need a blog. You need books, BUY links, and a professional online presence. Good networking within niche communities and social venues is better than blogging. Here's where our advice is perched on a ledge. We like blogging. We like being able to present our message without limitations of space  or format. We like that our posts get shared. Our advice on blogging is tainted because we like it - and it's FREE.

Before you dismiss the whole blogging venue, consider some of the options and examples of how blogs can PULL & PUSH. All of these (and many more!) are in our Reader Feed so we never miss a post!
Therese has switched to The Old Reader since Google announced the demise of Google Reader. Morgan is testing the waters of where she wants to read her news. Technology is in flux, the power of stories and the venues of promotion for a good book, they don't change as fast. That's another reason we're glad we chose the 101 level of the four basic P's of marketing. Push, Pull, POP, Persona. How those basics are used still relate to the latest and oldest venues. Maybe this time next year blogs will be something else. But it's still good to understand what's current as they may be valid for a decade or more:


A Bit O’ Muslin – Sex and History. New Posts are Delivered Every 1st of the Month 
Paty Jager - Mystery Monday, Western Wednesday, Farm Friday 
Tawna Fenske - Don’t pet me I’m writing (Ribald Humor!) 
67 Not Out - Coincidence and mysteries of life
Disability is Natural



Maggie's Meandering
See Jane Publish
Jane Porter

We're Not Sure How to Classify Them - BLOGS...

The Passive Voice (variety of writing/publishing topics!)
The Genre-istas
The MacGregors - From UFO's to Dog Park Politics

And - experienced writers should consider when it is time to stop blogging via Jane Friedman and L.L. Barkat.

The most important thing to remember as you explore marketing, yourself as an author, is - learn the rules so you can break them with confidence.


  1. Interesting post and categorization of blogs. I find that my blog is mostly promo (of both me and many other authors books via reviews, book tours, and such), but it also contains journal style posts as well on an irregular basis. Because I also post my blogs in my FB Fan page, I have the ability to see which ones get more interest than others.

    It is the journal type posts that consistently get more interest. When I post thoughts on the world in general, or a personal journal article, I get twice as many hits (sometimes as much as 4X the hits) on my blog, and twice as many hits on my FB page.

    One might think I should change to journal posts all the time. I don't think I could do that and keep up at least weekly posts. (A consequence of not writing brief bits). So a combination works for me. For those who do write Journal Style blogs, how often do you post and do you find it hard to keep the content coming?

    1. The advice when I began blogging was to post daily, and early, and comment everywhere. I couldn't do that but I liked posting tidbits three times a week. These were usually what I called "webbit tours" and included links to what I found interesting instead of trying to be so that often. This generated a lot of traffic from other bloggers with an agenda. That made me access if I had one, and ask why was I blogging?

      Eventually my style and topics emerged and one reader explained my theme while others loved glimpses into my personal life. Since one of my initial reasons to blog was to practice personal essay writing in a public forum the investment of time and energy has been a big benefit over the years. What I learned about blogging and networking is also the foundation of this site.

      If someone told me those first blog posts would lead to co-founding a blog site with an international audience that would help thousands of authors with the marketing aspects of their careers, I would have howled with laughter and probably stopped blogging. But it's been a journey that's sort of evolved organically.

      And just last week Morgan noted that our site was getting a lot of interest from Russian hookers. We understand they need to understand the basics of marketing but it does give a new meaning to the message of Push, Pull, POP.