Friday, February 22, 2013

Pull to one Primary Point of Contact

As a published novelist you have multiple ways a reader can connect with you. Draw them all to your website.

This repost from Scott Eagan's blog has the image that is a perfect representation of our message regarding the one line link for all your marketing and promotions.
A frequent question writers pose to editors and agents deals with the amount of web presence a writer should have. This also extends to questions as to when a writer should think about that web presence. Should it happen before or after they are published? Unfortunately, like all things with publishing, there really isn't one right or wrong answer. Along the same lines, the recommendations I might make may be completely different than those of another agent or editor. Still, let's take the time today to examine web presences. READ MORE
Here's links to our previous AM101 posts on websites:

Your website is the marketing machine and bookstore that works for you 24 hrs -7 d/wk- 365 d/yr and across time zones. You are in control of how you and your books are presented and purchased at your website. Your website should be available through a variety of browsers and platforms.

A free Google Blogspot site (like our's!) works well. Here's a snapshot of our site statistics for this week:
The point to remember when creating a website is that if you want to be the next viral sensation, with a global audience, consider there's a variety of Browsers and Operating Systems that are taking a First Glance at your site.

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