Friday, January 4, 2013

Social Media - How Much Do You Need?

Welcome to 2013!

We are back with a new schedule because - How Much Social Media Do You Need - From Us? You don't have to answer that - it is Not So Much! Our topics will continue to be Myths/Tips, Workshops/Field Trips, and Finer Points/Guest Posts, BUT instead of posting 3 times a week, we will only post on FRIDAYS. We will add an additional post for the 4th week of the month which will include current links that relate to The Theme Of The Month.

The Theme this Month is SOCIAL MEDIA.

A review of our Marketing Myths Busted page states: Media is the Tool, Marketing is the Content. Being active in Social Networks is Not Marketing but it can be USED as part of your Marketing Plan to generate interest in YOU and promote your books to your audience. Our Primary AM101 TIP regarding Social Media is - Your Author Persona can control the Quality and Quantity of that public first glance.

Another Social Media MYTH is to be everywhere. Our primary Myth Busting TIP is to only do what is fun. Our primary Marketing TIP is to link your social networking accounts direct (and only) to your website. Your website contains the links to all your ACTIVE social media accounts so you can Control which ones Readers find. Lisa Nowak listed her Twitter account in the "About The Author" section of her first three books. Now she regrets being Trapped-to-Tweet as she gets new followers daily because it is in the print version of her books. Our TIP is to only include your website as a contact link for readers. If you're tired of Tweeting, remove it from your Contact links on your website. It won't go away entirely, nothing in cyber space disappears, but at least you're no longer promoting it as an active connection tool to you.

Here's a checklist for choosing the relevance of a Social Media platform/tool for your Author Persona.
  1. Is it fun, beneficial, and easy to use?
  2. Try it for 3 weeks then reassess #1. 
The MYTH is to be everywhere and do it all - ALL AT ONCE. Our TIP is to spread your marketing campaign PER BOOK over a 18 month schedule. This applies to Blog Tours. The frenzy of six weeks of daily blogging at the release of your book is tied to the PRINT BOOK ON A BOOKSHELF time requirements. Prior to digital versions, a few years ago, your career as an author was tied to the Initial Release Sales Data. If sales didn't meet the expected benchmark your career could end, so that huge promotions push was a life-or-death activity. Not So Anymore!

The message for Authors in this new world of ebooks is that the Power to Control YOUR Career Is In YOUR Hands. Write a great book. Have it professionally edited and formatted. Present this book to the public with great cover art and blurbs - everything else is marketing. Even reviews are marketing tools.

A good Marketing Plan, tied to a great product, can be used for promotions through every Media Outlet at Any Time. Promote your website and BUY links and your marketing can become a well-oiled Sales Generating machine that happens because you're having fun writing books and connecting with readers through radio or YouTube; from book fairs to Pinterest, and/or the Social and Media venues in the future.

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  1. We will add an additional post instagram followers chea for the 4th week of the month which will include current links that relate to The Theme Of The Month.