Friday, December 7, 2012

The Power of FREE requires Effort

There's so much FREE information available online that the brilliance we need can flash past so fast we don't notice. Today's post isn't a Marketing one, though we invite you to bring any AM101 insights to what you are about to review. As Authors, marketing and promotions should equal 10% of your writing life.

Journey through and add value to the 90% of your time and energy - your writing craft and career. Reassess that old adage, "You get what you pay for..." because if You Are Paying With Your Own Time and Energy - You Are Paying Yourself.

THE AUTHORS ROAD is a FREE online journey across the country to interview notable authors. The initiators Salli, George & their dog Ella have made an extensive investment of energy into:

We are doing this to honor one of America’s greatest natural resources — its writers. 

Invest in Your Author Self with this FREE opportunity to listen and learn from AUTHORS.
Enjoy the wisdom of professional storytellers and know you are investing in Your career. 
 AUTHOR MARKETING from the 101 to the EXPERT level is only effective with a great STORY.

For more information about the creators of The Author Road, George and Salli - check out their world travel adventure at: The Slaughter-Mason Family Sabbatical  One Family, One Year, One World.
To all our Readers: Have Fun becoming a Great Natural Resource - a writer - first, then come back to us for help with your marketing.

Have a great weekend!

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