Friday, November 16, 2012

Using Visual Marketing for Your Books

As authors, we are all painfully aware of the phrase "show, don't tell."  Now the rising trend in marketing is to 'show' more than 'tell' via social media.  Fast Company's article, "The Rise of Visual Social Media" by Ekaterina Walker (28 August, 2012) details how Moleskin <the notebooks> used customer images to propagate their brand and build buzz.

Morgan says: Lately, I've been conducting my own experiments with Visual Marketing.  In honor of my dear friend, Gina Fluharty, finishing her first manuscript, I created a Treasury list on Etsy based on the theme of her book.  Once Ms. Fluharty finished her website, I added her web address to the Treasury list description.

Red Riding Hood's Dream Etsy Treasury inspired by Gina Fluharty's first manuscript.

Ms. Fluharty's website address in the Treasury description.
 Morgan says: I'm also having fun building image boards on Pinterest.  The board below creates a virtual inspiration board for my Steampunk WIP. <Of course, I have my website address in my user profile!>  Since my day job requires a significant amount of travel, Pinterest is a handy way for me to access my image board while on the road.

"Give Me Steam" board on Pinterest

(PULL marketing at work: the pictures attract potential readers and pull them to your website.)

Other ideas for using Visual Marketing:
  • Post pictures of buildings, rooms, cities, etc. that are the settings of various scenes in your stories on Facebook or your website.
  • Tweet a photo of a pair of shoes your heroine would wear or your hero's favorite jacket.
  • Use Instagram to chronicle your book signing, reader event, or 'a day in the life of a writer.'

Use Visual Marketing to help with your world building then share these images with your readers to enhance their experience with your book.  The more concrete your world is to your readers, the easier it will be for them to escape into it....Remember, a great story and author PERSONA generate an awesome reader experience that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Think beyond traditional venues and find new ways to attract readers <customers> both online and in the real world.

Oh - and have some FUN, too!

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