Monday, November 5, 2012

Take-Away Blooper

Jenna Bayley-Burke is a dear friend and always offers a great Point-Of-Purchase experience at book signings. Her online Bookshelf is simplistic but it is easy for readers to review and purchase her books from a variety of venues.

Her personality is very friendly, and her giggle is contagious, so anyone walking by will enjoy the experience of meeting Jenna and ruffling the pages of her books. Sitting next to her is Asa Maria Bradley who also has a good website presence, and we love her underwater photography though the cowgirls are awesome too. Two delightful and savvy authors. The table set up has their name, book covers are displayed well, and they are both smiling. All good.

Here's a picture of Jenna's take-away for three soon to be released novels. It's a great promo card and keeping with the theme of a Caribbean holiday, Jenna attached a sample of sunscreen to each card.

As a promotion to hand out in Seattle, WA, in October, sunscreen is not a big draw. It will be many months before the sun shines again. There's also a potential for leakage...  We liked the card but didn't take any since we have no interest in the sunscreen, and didn't want it in our luggage.

This is a time and expense blooper for Jenna. But she worked it and pointed out her marketing-promotions blooper as one more way to share a laugh and engage a customer. Everyone loves a good blooper.


  1. I still think it is a cute idea - Don't get burned Under The Caribbean Sun - but yeah, sunscreen in the PNW in autumn? Not so much. I think I need to stalk swag bags for conferences in the south.

  2. I like the idea also. I could have used the sun screen a few days before as I flew in from Las Vegas. Great idea your promo towards readers down south, Hawaii and maybe even look towards the caribbean.

    I'm always thinking about usable items...less throw away promo and more usable items. One item I love getting is chap-stick. I use that all year round. This year several authors had that at the ECWC. I'm stocked up :) and since that stuff goes from a dollar to four dollars a tub it's worth keeping around.

    Great article!

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