Wednesday, November 7, 2012

POP Marketing: Bookfair and Author Signing at ECWC

Oh how we love a good bookfair!  And the bookfair at the Emerald City Writers' Conference 2012 was a wonderful mix of meeting new people and touching base with old friends.  The POP marketing varied from elaborate to nonexistent.  Our friend, Sabrina York, even did a raffle for a beautiful tiara to build her email distribution list.

Yup - that's Karina Cooper dressed in Steampunk apparel.  See her complete costume below.

Delilah Marvelle - Note that she has the cover flats from her first two books that are now only available in ebook for signing.  Plus, check out her awesome new book trailer for Forever a Lord!

Darynda Jones promoting book four in her Charley Davidson- Grim Reaper Series and Delle Jacobs showcasing the new covers she designed.  Note that Ms. Jacobs has a Kindle at her table to display her new book: Faerie.

The bookfair was open to the public and there was a great turn out!

Jenna Bayle-Burke our favorite, bubbly marketing blooper (see Monday's post) shares a table with Asa Maria Bradley.

Cathryn Cade displaying both her Orion and Hawaiian Heroes Series.

Calinda B signing her Wicked Series.

Check out those boots on Karina Cooper!

Laura Navarre in her Nikki Navarre PERSONA - Read more about my book buying adventure with Ms. Navarre in our Finer Points Friday post this week.

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