Monday, November 12, 2012

Mirror Your Business Cards and Website

Today's website screenshots and coordinating business card is a great example on soooo many levels! 

  1. Gina Fluharty is marketing her first novel to agents and editors so you can really explore her website and not be enticed to buy anything. (YET!)
  2. This website displays the LESS IS MORE objective of creating an experience for the reader with color, theme, easy navigation. 
  3. Click on her link and see how fast it appears!
  4. Check out the bottom right corner!
Now here's the business card she hands out.  

Same color, same bridge.  Name, Log line, Website, Email, Photo. Plus, she has a short book blurb on the back!  (Now agents and editors will remember who she is and what she writes.)  Anything else on the card is clutter.

Now here's the novel she's marketing - Spectral Bonds

Any Questions about the Genre? Flavor? 
Please notice that this is a complete screen shot - I hate websites that are out-of-bounds!
ALSO - this image shows up well on smaller devices.

We'd love to take credit for helping Gina with her marketing. Nope. She presented it to us for review and all we can say is - Brilliant! You're done.

Done? Yes. Done. Her AUTHOR PERSONA is strong and now the DYNAMIC CORE of everything she will do on the internet. Her name links to her home page website address. She's in control of the first impression she presents in cyber space. Review that bottom-right-corner. There is room for more graphic logo links to where you can find her in the social media cloud in the future. 

We also like the navigation bar on the bottom because in this example it does not interfere with the picture. 
Placement of the navigation bar can be anywhere on the website as long as it appears in the same place on every page. 

When Gina has a book cover and publication date all she has to do is add the image, the blurb, excerpts link,  and everywhere this book is available to purchase (POP) to This Page Already On Her Website. As reviews are posted, she can add them directly on this page too - and not have to worry about those reviews being deleted. OR - she can add another page to the navigation bar called: REVIEWS.

The label "Spectral Bonds" can be modified to be "Books" when she has more than one. But nothing else about her website needs to be changed!

Her Media Kit can be added right on her BIO page. That CONTACT is currently an email link but can be modified to be another page that promotes her schedule of blog tours-book signings-public appearances. 
Therese says: I personally don't like automated email links because on my computer it opens MS Outlook and that's my private email address. I then have to copy the address, open my business email account and paste the address there. It's easier for me to copy or type your email address direct from your website.
Gina's Marketing Foundation is DONE. There's no reason to mess with it. She can play around social media having fun. Now all she has to do is WRITE MORE BOOKS.


  1. Thanks for the showcase, Ladies! I give Morgan credit for the business card layout along with Lauren Ruth for the advice of having a photo on it. Listen to and apply that which makes sense is what I'm taking away from all marketing advice. AuthorMarketing101 deserves much credit.

  2. There is room for more graphic logo more about website marketing links to where you can find her in the social media cloud in the future.

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