Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jessa Slade Workshop Week - Pull and POP

A blog, or any social media is an opportunity to interact with your audience.

Take a moment to examine Jessa Slade's blog.

Blog posts with direct links are often shared around social media venues so consider this blog post is your first contact with Jessa Slade.

What impression do you have from the colors?

How easy is it to find out more about Jessa?

Please comment if there's a point where you would have opted out of this website experience.

Please offer suggestions for better navigation.

Q:  What are your thoughts?

In addition, we would like for you to consider the following:

Q:  How easy is it to find the Point-Of-Purchase for her books?

Q:  Any other overall comments about Jessa's author persona and web presence?

Thanks for participating in Jessa Slade Workshop Week.

We'll post a recap and summary on Saturday (No Post on Friday!) and will appreciate your feedback regarding this workshop experience.

Now we invite you to answer these questions in the comments! 
Have Fun and Be Nice!


  1. > opted out of this website experience

    LOL. So delicately phrased. You must be writers ;)

    1. We put a lot of focus on getting readers to our website experience so it would be helpful to know if we've pushed them off a cliff.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of Jessa's. Love her website. The dark purple says something about the Marked Souls...and her...the author...I think. I opted out at the post titled, I Am A Wimp. I don't believe it. Anyone who can write about Talyans is not a wimp :)

    It could just be me, but I found it a little hard to go right to the point of purchase for the books.

    Jessa has great web presence. I know she's on Twitter too.

  3. Purple is my favorite color so I like the colors on her website! ;0) I didn't find a point of purchase, mostly because if I can't find what I'm looking for in a couple clicks I leave. I'm impatient when I want to find something on the internet.
    I love how Jessa's personality comes through in everything I've seen in promotion. I have to admit I don't read her books. Anything supernatural other than ghosts, spirits or witches I can't get excited to read, so I don't know if her personality comes through in her books.

    I liked the printable list of her books. I need to think about that on my website.

  4. I like the purple color and that it formatted on my iPad properly. The links to purchase her books online were not easy to find. Maybe they should be closer to the book covers since the pictures draw the eyes first. There's the pages that have excerpts for the books and the links to purchase are on the bottom. It's a lot of scrolling to get there.

    I think the background and colors give me an idea of her genre and persona.

    Personally, I like consistency in layout. The home page has one small image of one book, Dark Hunter's Touch, then a very large one for Darkness Undone. It takes over the page. It is easier to read if things are formatted in a similar manner.

  5. I love the background and I think it does a good job of representing the kind of stories that Jessa writes. I ended up reading her post on plotting---it was really good. Made me wish I could change my pantster ways!

  6. Interesting comments that the buy links are hard to find. I always feel ookey putting the buy links up high because it seems so... marketing-y... Oh wait, that's what we're trying to do!

  7. While I am not normally drawn to purple, I absolutely love the color of purple on Jessa's fabulous website! The design is eye catching and unique without a lot of design distractions. It leads the reader's eye straight to Jessa's name. The effect is simple but powerful!

    However did Jessa think of this unique design? I am in awe and enthralled which is why I revisit it again and again.

  8. Took me forever to find the buy link for Seduced by Shadows, and then it didn't work for me. I think part of the problem was the wording - "Where to find Seduced By Shadows" instead of putting the Buy Buttons right on the page, labeled "AMAZON", etc.

    Or why not make the book covers links to buy?

    The colors, etc., are representative of Jessa's books and sub-genre, very attractive.

    consistency both within the website and using common labels would help with navigation. (labels common to many websites - readers are used to looking for them and understand what they mean without thinking about it.)

    Terese and Cheryl, love this idea of examining various websites and analyzing!

  9. PS I hate your capcha - took me six attempts to figure it out. That picture of a grayscale wall with a lietter carved in int (very small) was awful. I didn't realize it was part of the capcha for a long time. Then i had to guess at what it was.

  10. Also, try listening to the audio version of your capcha. It's unintelligible.