Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jessa Slade Workshop Week - Persona

 We know Jessa Slade and she's very colorful, animated and knowledgeable of all things writing and publishing related for her genre.

She's also got a very dry sense of humor and knows when to add the right touch of levity to a conversation or meeting.

Q:  How would you recommend she bring more of that flavor to her Persona?


Therese says:
On June 7th, 2010, after the release of her second book in her Marked Souls series, I interviewed her on my blog as part of her promotional blog tour.  You can read it here.

Q:  Would you like to see more about Chicago on her website?

Q:  Are you interested in "penance triggers" or Monster Girl?

Q:  What else do you feel would be engaging for Jessa Slade to add to her website?

Now we invite you to answer these questions in the comments! 
Have Fun and Be Nice!


  1. Jessa has posted a lot of great pictures of her dog, her office, her hiking adventures and more, ON HER BLOG. At least a select few need to be permanent on her website because they will engage NEW readers.

  2. This picture and short bio represents the best of how authors were promoted by the publisher in the back of the novel. Authors are no longer limited to a single page, in black and white.

    We've seen some ABOUT pages that are a hot mess and overloaded with colors and pictures that take forever to load. Avoid that and remember this is your Professional Persona you are promoting.

    1. This is probably silly, but one of the hardest parts is deciding whether to do first or third person. WHO AM I?!

    2. We like to consider the ABOUT page as your professional business office and it is that place where you shake hands with investors and clients. Use 1st person. It's your website, your books, and you are introducing yourself directly to readers.

      The 3rd person bio is used by promoters.

  3. Until maybe 18 months ago, I was someone who has always felt there were certain digital venues that were better for some things than others. Website is more static, blog is more interactive, FB is some combination and twitter is well...undescribable.

    I've now come to the philosophy that those ideas MAY still be true but there needs to be cross-over because different people go to different places. One way people do the cross-over is by things like embedding twitter feed in webpage, or linking to FB via occasional twitter posts.

    For me, the answer to your engagement questions is that they belong in a blog. However, I think they could also be highlighted and linked on a website to draw attention to that interaction possibility. The key is finding a way to make that happen without having to manually update the website every time. I'm still working that out myself, so don't have all those answers.

    1. There are times when I think monopolies are a good thing just so that all pieces of the puzzle play nicely together. Wordpress has a lot of functionality but a lot of randomness too. I could get more of the former if I switched to a self-hosted Wordpress site, but I'm cheap. And I like the way the free Wordpress site stays updated.

    2. I think you could engage readers more with content and pictures than gadgets.

      My opinion is those Twitter timelines on an author website is like being out-to-dinner with someone who is talking on their cell phone.

  4. Q: How would you recommend she bring more of that flavor to her Persona? Having the pleasure of knowing Jessa, I'd say that she covers this pretty well on her website, blog, and in real life (yeah, she's really smart and has a pretty dry wit, so watch out!).

    Q: Would you like to see more about Chicago on her website? In terms of how it influences her writing, sure.

    Q: Are you interested in "penance triggers" or Monster Girl? Definitely Monster Girl!

    Q: What else do you feel would be engaging for Jessa Slade to add to her website? Hmmm. . . that's tough. She's a pretty busy author, but perhaps blogging more often? Just a thought.