Monday, November 19, 2012

Jessa Slade Workshop Week: Back to Basics

Welcome to Jessa Slade workshop week! Here at AM101 we encourage having fun with marketing and trying new things. So this week we're going to try a virtual workshop.

In October, we conducted a hands-on workshop in which the attendees designed a basic Persona and Push-Pull-POP strategy via case study team work. Attendees will recall that the case studies we provided were fictional authors and books. The goal of this workshop was to free participants from their own stories, career goals, and inner critics while designing a basic marketing plan. They used crayons and notepads to have fun designing someone else's persona and web presence. This workshop was so well received we decided to try a virtual version on this blog.

For this week we're going to use a real-live-author who has published several books through traditional and indie venues. We adore Jessa Slade  and are impressed with how she's always helping other authors. She has agreed to be our guinea pig... We hope she's still speaking to us next week.

On Wednesday the 21st, we will post three times and ask questions regarding the online experience Jessa Slade  provides through her website. Posts are scheduled for 6:00 am PST, Noon PST, and 6:00 pm PST. Each post on Wednesday will include questions for you to answer in the comments. We are hoping to receive a variety of opinions and suggestions. Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend in the USA, our recap post will be on Saturday. (No Friday Post!) It will include a concise summary of the opinions and suggestions. On Saturday we would also like your feedback on the overall virtual workshop experience.

If you would like to participate in this virtual workshop, we recommend you take some time to research Jessa and her books. She has several books published and over the years has done a number of blog tours. She's also active on FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

See you Wednesday!


  1. Of course I will still be speaking to you. (If only to lull you into a false sense of complacency... mwa-ha-ha.) I'm delighted to be your guinea pig. I know I need the help!

  2. I would be VERY careful Therese and Morgan. Jessa has demons at her beck and call. Personally, I'd be afraid...very afraid.

  3. Jessa was kind enough to volunteer! I don't think she expected us to take action so soon, though. :D Hopefully, she'll keep her hell hounds in their kennels...but we have our coins for the ferry man, just in case. LOL!

  4. I will be there, and have Tweeted, etc your workshop. Off now to post it on loops.

    who plans to wear a cross to workshop, etc. Demons, y'know.

  5. Sounds fantastic. I'll be there barring anymore trees don't blow over in the backyard.