Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cross-Marketing by Teaming Up: Free Read Anthology

Here, at Author Marketing 101, we often encourage authors and small business owners to help each other out by pooling their resources.  When it comes to promotions, a team approach can multilply your individual efforts and allow you to do some cross-marketing.

Below is an excellent example of author's working together to promote their books.  Belle: Regency Sampler is a free read booklet that features the works of seven authors:

  1. Sabrina Jeffries - 'Twas the Night After Christmas
  2. Valerie Bowman - Secrets of a Wedding Night
  3. Darcy Burke - To Seduce a Scoundrel
  4. Erin Knightley - More Than a Stranger
  5. Leigh LaValle - The Runaway Countess
  6. Sara Ramsey - Heiress Without a Cause
  7. Heather Snow - Sweet Deception

Cover of Belle: Regency Sampler free read.
Obviously modeled after Elle magazine, the contents are clearly conveyed via the cover design - you know you are getting Regency period pieces, even before you read the subtitle.  The sample article titles are very clever: "Scandals, Secrets, & Spies, OH, MY!", "Waistlines are UP! Necklines are Down!", and "7 Must Reads of the Season!".  Plus what Elle magazine is complete without a quiz: "Rogues, Rakes, & Gentleman: Which is Right for YOU?". (PUSH marketing at work - the graphics push messaging that entices you to open the booklet.)

Author spread complete with website addresses.
 The first two page spread contains the author photos, a one line blurb about their featured book, and their website address.  (PULL marketing at work - each author wants to pull you to their website.)

Notice the QR Code.
Sabrina Jeffries used a QR Code to link readers to her mobile phone app, while Erin Knightley used a QR Code to link to her website.  Note:  QR Codes can also be used to link directly to a point-of-purchase to accommodate an impulse buy.

Book covers on the back of the booklet.
The back of the free read contained the covers of all the featured books providing a GREAT visual reference for readers to find each book on the (virtual or physical) shelf.

If you decide to cross-market with your fellow authors, please keep the following in mind:

  • For the reader, each author is endorsing the other authors' work....SO, only team up with people that produce the quality of work you feel comfortable endorsing.
  • This type of booklet doesn't necessarily have to contain books in the same genre, but there does need to be a unifying theme.  (Remember, readers cross genres all the time.)  Maybe all the authors are from the same city or members of the same writing club.  Maybe all the books feature characters obsessed with coffee....get creative!

Multiply your marketing efforts with cross-marketing!

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  1. I would certainly pick this off the rack by the checkout counter at the market. I would probably pay $2.00 for it.