Monday, October 15, 2012

We are on Author-Only Hiatus until November

Emerald City Writers' Conference
Bellevue, WA  October 26-28, 2012
Morgan and I will be presenting a workshop called, "Push-Pull-POP Seamless Self Promotion" in two weeks. This years ECWC conference chair, Shelly Shellabarger, came to The Rose City Romance Writers' Intensive in 2011 and attended our first two-hour workshop on Author Marketing.  Shelly's enthusiasm and encouragement to continue our 101 message, and present at this upcoming conference, is the spark that began this delightful journey.

All attendees at our first workshop were enthusiastic enough for us to create this blog site as an easy way for them to have access to, and share, the PERSONA exercises, myths, and everything else, through to the Marketing Plan. We were called the Marketing Myth-Busters and decided to create a workbook when we were requested to present at the Clackamas Community College Writer Conference in May.

In March, we had the first draft of our workbook completed and knew it wasn't ready for distribution, yet, but a literary agent advised us to build our platform and - maybe someday we'll be saying the rest is history - the stats counter shows over 5,400 page-views to this blog in just five months of posting three times a week. We like those numbers because our intent is to help AUTHORS to have fun with their marketing and no longer be overwhelmed with the myths, bad terminology, and the social media panic. (We've also been requested to create a similar Marketing 101 presentation for Small Businesses.) 

However, regardless of how much fun Morgan and I have chatting about marketing, we are NOVELISTS first. The ECWC is all about writing and selling NOVELS and we've got to take our own advice that our primary career is all about writing/publishing our BOOKS and connecting with READERS. So that's what we're going to do - only wear our Author Hats for the rest of the month.

We not only have a workshop to present but have our manuscripts to polish and prepare to pitch. But our pages HERE were designed to present our 101 message and it's still here - with so much more awesome stuff! So, if you're a newbie to our site, please consider yourself welcome to browse through every corner and page. Take what you learn for a test run and let us know if we helped you lose your fear of marketing and now are having fun.

We both have our Author Personas online so feel free to check out Morgan's Mix Tape and Terri Patrick's Blog if you get lonely for us.

We will return....

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  1. Therese and I would like to thank all the folks who attended our Saturday morning workshop! We had a blast presenting, and based on all the buzz and feedback during and after the workshop, you all had a blast, too. As a result of the exposure from this preso, Therese and I may have some wonderful adventures in markeing on the horizon. We'll keep you posted on our activities, of course.

    In the mean time, let me take a second to point out how presenting on marketing - a topic completely different from the fiction that we write - is also PULLing potential readers to our personal author sites. In short, like Alec Baldwin said in the movie 'Glengarry Glen Ross', "Always Be Closing"... or in our case "Always Be PULLing" - attract the readers, so you can sell more books! :D

    How can you attract readers to your PERSONA by talking, writing, or presenting topics other than your books?

    We'll have a fresh post on Friday,