Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Conference Debrief

Dear Readers:

Before we return to our regular schedule of Monday Myths & Tips; Wednesday Workshops & Field Trips, and Friday Finer Points & Guest Posts, we want to share that we are renewed and encouraged that our Author Marketing 101 message is beneficial and appreciated.

We've also been assured it is even more needed than we realized.

Some murky issues were already coming to our attention before the conference - primarily that when an author notices dips in sales they start messing with their marketing, and website, or career plans, instead of focusing on their next book and improving their writing craft. As we've said before - but not in these words:

Social Media is NOT the Magic Candy you can pour into a bowl at a book signing event to transform you into the next bestseller.  It is merely one component of a coordinated marketing plan.

There are tons of exciting ways to become a published author, but the basics haven't changed. To reach an audience - A good book needs a great story that is well written; a dedicated editor, an engaging cover & blurb, distribution channels, marketing, and promotions. When you are new to the publishing industry, you could blink past the basics or put your faith in the latest fad. We've seen it. We can't help with the great story, but we can help with the marketing aspects of your new career.

Everything we have here at this blog - we did (and do) to help our writing and small business friends, it's fun for us, and it makes us feel good to help others! If thousands of other writers and entrepreneurs around the world benefit - great!

This journey began because we got ticked off that our fellow authors were being fed - and paying for - amateur, outdated, and fear inspiring myths. Those myths are still alive and well, so we will kick things up a notch or two here. In addition, we will give you more information about our workshops and get busy on finalizing our workbook.

We are still novelists first - aspiring, at the moment - but with our decades of professional marketing experience it won't interfere with our dreams to have a tandem focus on the business side of our author careers.

So - we're back and ready to come out kicking with tons of new ideas and posts.

On Monday we'll begin with a great marketing blooper.

Have a great weekend!

Therese & Morgan

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