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You Reap What You Show

This is a repost from a local web design firm. The message is always timely.

As novelists, you are a small business. Your customers/readers are expecting an engaging experience about your STORY through your PERSONA not your politics.

You Reap What You Show
Posted October 14, 2010 at

Campaign SignsAh, the campaign season. The autumn so full of the changing of the leaves, and the politicians, so too changing themselves to appeal to what ever they need to appeal to in order to capture your vote.
Never mind what you personally think about who should lead our country in whatever direction you think it needs leading.
As a small business who is ever concerned about marketing, it is important to remember one important thing this campaign season. Your customers.
Specifically, what value is being marketed when you showcase your campaign sign of choice.

Let’s Be Honest

Not everyone is going to agree with your view on politics, and if years of repressed family gatherings have taught us anything, it is that we should avoid the topic of politics (as well as religion) at the dinner table.
So with that in mind, why would you, as a small business leave yourself venerable to a potential shortfall in sales by making a silly marketing mistake of publicly showering support of one candidate over another?

Say It Ain’t So

Our happy little mountain town of Sandy Oregon is currently flooded with temporary signs for every candidate running for national, state-wide, county-wide and city office.
Let’s look past the fact that most of these signs are in breach of our strict sign ordinance, and see that many of these campaign signs grace the grass and bark dust mulch in front of small mom and pop sized businesses.
I would love to see the numbers about what kind of dip in sales a certain gas station is having since they have replaced their marketing efforts with signs for specific candidates, that quite frankly, encourage the polarization of our political landscape.
Empty Storefront

What Have You Done For Me Lately

Let’s remember, politicians want your vote. Though once elected, they may or may not live up to their campaign promises that will have a direct impact on your business.
So why leave yourself exposed to a loss of potential customers?
In a tough economic time, like the one we all are currently facing, it seems prudent to devise marketing actions that will help create more sales, rather than give potential customers another reason to not shop your product or service.
This is especially true since our political climate continues to get more and more polarized.
So look objectively at that campaign sign outside your shop’s window, or that perfectly placed button resting above your heart, or even that snide comment you made upon Joe Candidate in front of your customers.
Your customers may have noticed what you are saying, and they may respond by taking their business elsewhere.
We think that makes for the wrong kind of branding and marketing for you business.

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