Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Field Trip #7: Making Emotional Connections

Take a moment to think of the last time you watched a CSI, true crime, or some other crime investigation television show.  Did you note how many commercials for insurance policies and home security systems are aired during these shows?  Aaaahhhh - those sneaky marketing monkeys are at it again - playing on our emotions!

This week's field trip can be conducted in the comfort of your own home.  In this  assignment, we would like for you to watch television.  No mindless TV watching here, though... specifically, we want you to pay close attention to the commercials.

You will need a pen and paper to do the following:

  • While watching your favorite TV show, note the brands and types of products promoted in each commercial (cereals, cosmetics, restaurants, services, etc.)
  • At the conclusion of each commercial, quickly record any emotions or thoughts you may have felt while watching the advertisement (were you happy, sad, amused, scared?)
  • When your program resumes, note the most memorable commercial and specifically what made that ad pop into your head first

It is important that you conduct this exercise during your "favorite" TV show, because commercials aired during this show are targeting YOU demographically.  At the conclusion of the show, think about ALL the commercials aired during your show.  Do you see any over arching trends or similarities with regards to the types of commercials aired? Take a stab at producing a demographic profile for your favorite show based solely on the commercials shown?  (Age, hobbies, lifestyle, income, etc.)

Now, think about your books.  Try to find ways to use the emotions expressed in your stories in your marketing pieces.  For example, if your stories focus on 'hearth and home' are you using these images in your marketing collateral?  If you book includes a thrilling chase or fight scene, think about invoking the same emotional energy in a book trailer.  If you write edgy, contemporary works, is your website 'edgy'?

Are you making emotional connections to your readers in your marketing?  

Any marketing questions can be posed in the comments on any post. If you have a question, others will too, so we can address our answers to all. Our posts are myths and tips we want to share but we love to target our answers to questions.

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