Monday, July 9, 2012

Any Publicity is Good - Cyber Karma Lesson # 3

This myth, that any publicity is good publicity, was probably spawned from the "banned books list" as the notoriety of being banned meant an instant shot to the top of the best-seller list. If this happens to you, congratulations. You've written a book that was banned by the moral majority. Your subsequent sales and popularity proves that the majority of readers like your story and they don't want someone else dictating what is moral.

Publicity is good when it generates a SALE.

EXAMPLE: Reviewer A states - your book has a huge plot hole in the beginning, and your book really wasn't the type of story they would chose to read, but reviewing books is their job. Reviewer A continues to say it was a well written and otherwise well plotted book, and the author did a good job with the story. The review ends with almost an apology that Reviewer A wanted to give a better rating, if not for that noted plot hole.

This is good publicity as it states that TITLE is available to read and AUTHOR did a good job. There is potential for the curious reader to explore this title and author, and make their own judgement call regarding the plot hole. When the Author Persona and website are done well, a sale could be made. A better way to use this publicity is for AUTHOR to explain the referenced plot hole was needed to move the story forward but was too big to be resolved, and needed a story of its own that is/will be available on xx/xx/xx date. AUTHOR has generated a potential for additional sales, from what may first have felt like negative publicity.

Bad publicity is when AUTHOR goes viral with an attack against Reviewer A for pointing out the plot hole. AUTHOR is unleashing ego and could land on readers Do Not Buy list for reasons that have nothing to do with the story. The author has challenged the readers moral code for choosing to invest time and money into an author.

Weave graciousness into your Author Persona and sleep with it prior to any public acknowledgement of Reviewer A through Z. Readers are fickle customers and their desire for banned books is as strong as their power to ban an author for bad behavior.

Publicity is neither good nor bad, it's just pointing a reader to the story you have told, and creates an opportunity for your Author Persona to connect with readers. Choose wisely how to use this connection.

Your objective with any publicity and marketing is to generate a value to your audience that is worth the price of your book. You are worth that price.Your story is worth the time and investment from your readers.

No matter how bad your publicity may be, you will live to write again.
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