Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

In Wednesday's post, I (Morgan) shared my world building journal for my latest WIP.  Therese and I, like good Pacific Northwest citizens, are big believers in recycling! 

Here is how I plan on recycling the work I put into my journal:

Author Trading Cards: Since I purchased the appropriate license for the character images on iStockphoto, I will use these pictures for character focused trading cards.

Character Focused Bookmarks: Why not take trading cards one step further and turn them into book marks?  Personally, I use my bookmarks more than I look at trading cards - but that is my personal preference.

World Exploration Content for my Website:  Website content will be where the bulk of my 'recycling' will occur. More and more readers want to continue their 'escape' experience via web content that allows them to 'get to know' your characters beyond what you've written in your books.  Here is where I can list my character's favorite foods, song play lists, aspirations, etc.  Almost anything is worth mentioning, as long as it helps immerse your readers into the world you've created.

Blog Posts: Interesting and obscure historical facts from your research make interesting blog posts.

Twitter: Some authors (and fans) have created Twitter accounts for fictional characters. They then post tweets, role playing as that character.  Caution: be sure to state in the Twitter profile that your character is fictional!

If my series becomes popular, wouldn't my world building journal make an awesome companion book for the series??  (Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!)

All of these items will be fleshed out further in the marketing plan for this book.  I have used my world building journal during pitch sessions.  All of the folks (agents and editors) who saw this book requested submittals!

NOTE: I do not recommend that you post this level of content for an unpublished book.  As we have stated in earlier posts, don't give unscrupulous writers the opportunity to 'borrow' your work.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel.  Recycle & Reuse!

Any marketing questions can be posed in the comments on any post. If you have a question, others will too, so we can address our answers to all. Our posts are myths and tips we want to share but we love to target our answers to specific questions.

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