Monday, June 25, 2012

"It's my blog" - Cyber Karma Lesson #1

One reason Morgan and I stress creating a PERSONA prior to stepping into cyberspace is because we've witnessed some immature and inflammatory online behavior. This is not recommended if you wish to advance your career as a novelist.

MYTH: "It's my blog and I'll bitch if I want too."

Absolutely. I love a creative bitch session and there are numerous blogs in the commercial fiction world where bitching is part of the platform. A well presented bitch can be very enlightening as well as entertaining. But the rule is not to be vindictive, or deliberate in attacks on individuals, specific books, or companies.
Bitch about your dirty laundry if you want, but do not toss it at others.
Advice Morgan and I adhere to from our experience traveling on corporate ventures is that you never know who is listening. Bitching about clients, customers, companies, or coworkers, is taboo in any public place, like a restaurant. You may be sitting with your coworkers, who all agree with your bitching, but the lady at the next table may be the vice president who you haven't met. She may have authorized working with your company and also recognize you are trashing her coworkers. You won't be asked to return and you'll never know why.
You never know who is watching and listening in cyber space.
The day you have an online meltdown about the delays of the publishing process could be the day your dream agent read your proposal and before contacting you, did a cyber search on you.
If you bitched well, you'll be getting that call.
If you bitched like a brat, the character the agent didn't love in your proposal, was you.

Never bitch about a reviewer, or reader, or agent, or editor, or anyone, who didn't give your book high praise. If you do contact them, only do so to sincerely thank them for their time and attention to read and review your book. They may not have been entertained or impressed by your work but they will remember you were gracious. They may review another book and see something to praise.

If you can't tell the difference between a good bitch and a whiny bitch, it's better not to bitch at all.

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