Monday, May 28, 2012

The Many Links Myth

As the volume of social media outlets grew, the advice given is that all authors need to be everywhere, and promote everywhere they are all the time. Author signatures suddenly blossomed into a ladder of links such as:
Anyone see the problem with this signature? Do you feel the author is interesting or a touch scattered? Which link would you choose? The standard answer (and there have been studies done to prove this point) is - none.
As an author, you want to encourage your readers to contact you and you want to control the experience of that first glance of your persona. So give them one choice, your website:
A quick and curious click on that link whisks the reader to the engaging experience of your persona, where they can easily check through your books and fall in love. On your ABOUT ME page (or in a sidebar) is where you list all the other places you live on the web. Make those links obvious and engaging, like a graphic with the link embedded. The objective is a welcoming experience for a reader to choose how they want to connect to you - as your fan.

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  1. The "links" in the post above are all email addresses. I have never seen an author put nine different email addresses at the same provider at the bottom of their email, but I have seen them put their website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. etc. etc. Similarly, the text "" is not a website but a (rather strangely formatted and confusing) email address. If you put that text on your business card you might get a few emails but no hits on your website.

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  3. Oops! Thanks for pointing out the technical variations to all the various links. So the website addy should be: