Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Field Trip Topic #2: Target Audience

Would you put a guy all decked out in hunting camouflage gear on the cover of a fashion magazine?  Your answer would probably be a resounding “No”, unless camo is the hottest trend from Versace!

This week, your assignment is to venture to your local mall…we know, we are REALLY twisting your arm on this one….  Specifically, we want you to visit Macy’s, Dillards, or some other large retailer with a huge perfume department. 

First, I want you to step back and take in the layout of the perfume department. 
  • Are the perfumes targeted at teens positioned near the teen clothing? Or are they near the costume jewelry or purses?
  • Examine which non-perfume departments are positioned around the perfume.  Do you see any correlations?
  • How large is the section for men’s perfume, in the main perfume department?

Second, take a look at the colors and images used to promote the perfumes.
  • Compare colors, images, and messaging used by Chanel and Lancome to Coach and Juicy Couture.  Can you identify which lines are targeting youth versus (ahem...) elegance?
  • What about the giveaways?  When you buy some dollar amount of perfume you receive some free item.  How do the ‘free gifts’ differ from brand to brand, audience to audience?

And Third, avoid getting sprayed by ten different perfume samples!

How are you focusing on your target audience?

If your book features horses, are you targeting the equestrian or the rodeo crowd?  If you are writing YA, how are you making your PERSONA and books more attractive and accessible to that age group?

If you know and understand your ideal reader (target audience), it is easier to hone your marketing efforts.

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