Friday, April 27, 2012

When you're ready for Business Cards

Today the topic is business cards and the first point is; they should be a miniature version of your website.

Remy Stone is an aspiring novelist, a fellow writer, and marketing professional. (We marketing geeks love playing with how we will market ourselves!) She has a graphic design business and created her website and persona after completing her novel, as part of the process of marketing it to publishers.

 The two versions of her business card are with image, or without image. A small image of you is a good reminder for the holder of the card. The red type in the bottom corner says, “sex, murder & mayhem”  and when she's actually promoting her books, that font should be bigger.

The myth to bust today is how much personal information is needed. According to literary agent Lauren Ruth of BookEnds, LLC, she tosses all business cards. However, what made a big impression on her recently was the author had included the pitch for her novel on the back side of the business card.

Read through the comments on Lauren's blog for even more insight into how best to create and use business cards. Then check out the Part 2 of this topic. How much personal contact information is needed on a business card? Your website and email. Your website is the first glance impression, and is reflected in the persona of your business card. Your professional email address is for direct contact. 

Make your business cards reflect and promote your website, which reflects your author persona, which reflects the awesomeness of your books. Then provide the best way, and only one way, to contact you.


  1. Congrats on launching the site! looks great!

  2. Great post! And timely reminder.

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