Monday, April 23, 2012

What it costs

The “Marketing is Expensive” MYTH is rooted in the cost of PROMOTING your product through TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and all kinds of traditional public media. These ADS are expensive, because the income from advertisers is what funds the publications and broadcasts. However, the CONTENT is what PULLS the customer/reader to that specific show or print media. It is the articles, sitcom, or story that advertisers feel will help them reach the target audience for their product or service.

When a publisher tells an author to do their own marketing, they really mean they want them to create a persona and put together a marketing plan for their book. If an author creates a persona and plan, then hands the publisher a really great advertisement targeted for specific publications, the publisher may then say, “Great!” and put some funds into the promotion. Maybe. Even so, once the marketing 101 process has been completed, creating advertisements and funding promotions is a lot less expensive.

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